Shungite Mat


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Shungite mat for passive body massage.


Our shungite mat is recommended and used by physiotherapists and naturotherapy specialists in Russia.
especially in the prevention and initial stages of many diseases, but also as support in the treatment of developed ailments.
Shungite, as a contribution to such a mat, according to Russian specialists, helps to restore balance in the biological field, and thus normalize the body’s biochemical processes. It helps to restore weakened functions of muscles, joints, internal organs and blood vessels.
In Russia, such mats are used prophylactically or as an auxiliary to support the body in prostatitis, hemorrhoids, impaired functions of the pelvic organs and the musculoskeletal system.

How to use:

The shungite mat can be placed on a chair or armchair that we use to sit while working at a desk or when we rest. It is best if we use three mats, placing them on the seat, behind the back and under the feet. You can also lie on the mat or lay it on your body.

For greater comfort of use, if necessary, the mat can be heated to body temperature or slightly higher.
Such a mat is necessary for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle (e.g. office work, drivers).
One of the procedures carried out using a shungite mat is a foot massage (the mat can be heated to 45 degrees Celsius for this purpose), we place it on the floor. The person using this treatment stands on the mat and shifts the weight of the body from leg to leg. The duration of the massage is 5 to 20 minutes. People with limited physical activity (elderly people and people with impaired locomotor system) should perform this massage in a sitting position.
As a result of such a massage, points on the feet (so-called reflex points) are activated, which stimulate internal organs and stabilize the nervous system, having a positive effect on tension and fatigue.

Who can use it:

Shungite mat can be used by everyone. Russian physiotherapy specialists recommend a shungite mat in osteochondrosis, deforming spondylosis of the spine, small intervertebral hernias, diseases and injuries of the coccyx, arthrosis and arthritis of various genesis, consequences of injuries and bone fractures, to relieve pain and fatigue of the back.

Technical data:

The mineral – shungite tends to get dirty. The mat is made of a material – a fabric that does not let dust and dust through. It consists of several sections that are filled with shungite chips (small stones). In case of heavy use, shungite dust particles can penetrate the fabric, leaving dark marks. The mat can be placed in a pillowcase. Every pillow contains 2kg of shungite.

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