Shungite Plate


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The material which is shungite has a very wide range of applications. First of all, it is used in rehabilitation complexes, medical institutions and health centers. In a patient placed in a shungite room, an improvement in blood circulation in the bloodstream is observed almost immediately. The shungite chamber has an undoubted advantage in achieving an overall therapeutic improvement in the condition of patients undergoing sessions there, convalescence after operations, etc.

Key improvements being observed:

• improved sleep

• feeling better

• stress relief

• reduction of hypertensive disorder

• stabilization of vegetative and vascular functions

• activation of the human body’s immune defense


Dimensions: 25 x 25cm

Weight: about 3kg


The shungite plate is a new product made for the purpose of building a shungite chamber. Shungite stones were infused in each plate and then bonded together with a special shungite mortar and then painted to add a deep black color. Such a plate is great as a stand for telephones or electronic equipment as well as a pad for vegetables and fruits or other food.


Note: The shungite platet is not a medical device and will not replace a visit to the doctor and specialist treatment.

Dimensions 25 × 25 cm